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Marco Kleebauer Photography - Commercial Photographer - Industry - Architecture - Interiors - 360 Photography

Marco Kleebauer is a passionate photographer with over 10 years experience. He offers a specialized service to meet the standards of the most discerning companies and individuals. He has a sharp eye for the world of forms and their portrayal in the new media. Accordingly, Marco Kleebauer delivers beauty and innovation in every assignment that he takes on board. His motto is out of the box thinking. Marco Kleebauer’s assets: – Vast experience with industry, architecture and commercial photography – Vast experience with people and wedding’s photography. – A lively passion for nature photography – A versatile & innovative mind Professional Experience 2008 – 2012, Commercial, People and Travel Photography Freelance & assistant photographer for various German & international companies Organizer & speaker of South American Adventures Multi-Vision Shows Co-founder of Herzblut Studio (year 2010), a creative agency specialized in photography & graphic design.

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